Alpha Course

Whether you are just checking out Christianity, or you have been a Christian for a long time, everyone should have the chance to ask questions and share thoughts with like minded people in a safe environment.

The Alpha Course is a series of sessions (one a week) exploring life, spirituality and the Christian Faith. Each talk looks at a different significant question about faith, and is designed to create conversation to be explored in discussion. There’s always food, never judgement, and often great insight. Come and be a part of what could be the adventure of a lifetime!

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What Is Alpha?

How much does it cost? It is absolutely free, but you need to register!

What actually happens? We enjoy some dinner together at tables with other guests, and then we watch a video that introduces our questions. We then have a chat at our tables about what we’ve just watched, and any other questions about faith that we might have. There are NO bad questions!

Can anybody come? Yes, there are no rules on what you believe, and no pressure to change your beliefs.

How long does it go for? It is every week for 8 weeks, and there is a one-day retreat at the end of week 6.

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