Our Beliefs

We believe that there is one true God who has existed for eternity as three persons, the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

We believe in the divine inspiration and absolute authority of the Bible which is the written Word of God – fully trustworthy for faith and conduct.

We believe that God created people in His image, male and female, to share in His eternal life, worship Him and steward creation.

We believe that due to humanity’s rebellion against God (we call this sin), everyone has fallen short of the glory of God and is driven by their fallen nature and eternally separated from Him.

We believe that God showed His great love for us by sending His son, Jesus Christ, in human form, through the incarnation, born of the virgin Mary. Jesus was without sin, fully God and fully man.

We believe in the atoning sacrifice of Christ on the cross; paying the price of sin (separation from God), defeating evil and death, and reconciling us back with God.

We believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead on the third day, and that He ascended to the Father’s right hand where He now reigns as the Saviour of the world.

We believe that fallen humans are justified through faith in this Saviour, Jesus Christ.

We believe that God sent His comforter and guide, the Holy Spirit, who leads us into repentance, life with Christ through new birth, empowers our Christian life, deepens our faith and enables us to witness to the world.

We believe that God has established His people as the Church, His priesthood of all believers, who are empowered by the Holy Spirit through the impartation of spiritual gifts, who are called to proclaim the gospel, promote justice and live out His Kingdom life on earth.

We believe that Christ will personally and visibly return to fulfil God’s salvation plan; He will raise all people to the harvest of judgement, in which the righteous will enter into eternal life with Him and the rebellious into eternal separation, and He will finally establish a new heaven and earth.

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