About Us

Church is about people coming together to explore real life, worship Jesus, understand the Bible for today, and just be with each other in a genuine community.

We love the Moreton Bay region and our calling is to make it a better place for everyone.

A church isn’t a big old building with a cross out the front – it’s a group of people who love Jesus and follow his Word. We’ve met in spare bedrooms, university lecture theatres, garages and school halls to worship God, better understand the Bible and get to know fellow Christians. We don’t have all the answers, but being part of a church allows us the opportunity to find them.

There are no special requirements to come to church – you don’t have to be a Christian and you don’t have to wear a suit and tie; just come along if you’re interested to find out what church and Jesus are all about.


Jesus is the one we trust in for eternal life, not our own efforts or the good deeds we do.

At the heart of Christianity is the belief that Jesus Christ was actually God in human form who came to rescue the world from sin and death. He paid the price for all mankind’s rejection of God by being crucified on a cross and taking the blame for us, meaning that any who accept him as Saviour and Lord can be reunited with God and have eternal life.

Come just as you are

We believe that every person on earth is broken and fallen, and no-one is ‘good enough’ for God because God is perfect. Because he loves us though, we believe that Jesus lived a perfect life that we could never live and yet died the death that we deserved…cancelling our death sentence and taking it upon himself.

In response to this incredible act of grace, we’ve dedicated our lives to serving Jesus and following His Word, as written in the Bible. We want to be real about working out how to live for Jesus in our own context, so church gatherings and lounge groups are a great way to better understand Jesus’ intentions for our lives.

If this all sounds a bit strange…come on down to a Sunday gathering and have a chat to someone at our church.

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